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How can I help you?

I can support you with all kinds of development tasks, be it concepts and architecture, technology or concrete implementation (aka programming and coding). Although I currently mainly work in .NET, I consider myself a language agnostic. I can also support you in setting up a development environment with source control and build server. My main tools of choice are open source tools running on Linux and Windows.

If you require an experienced, short-term team leader, because you either build up a new team from scratch or need to bridge bottlenecks, I can also jump in as a temporary development or project lead.

I am able to provide assistance in setting up physical or virtual Linux network or Microsoft Windows environments. Further areas in which I can offer help are the establishment of new or the migration of existing Microsoft Windows domains, Linux services or virtualization.

I am best if I love what I do. So browse my blog and find out what bakes my noodle to see if it matches your needs.